Alida (Allie) Wilkinson is a Brooklyn based artist and curator.  She was born and raised in New York. She has participated in numerous exhibitions across the United States, including shows at Rush Arts Gallery, RAM Gallery, Showcase Gallery, and HUD Gallery.

In August 2015, she partnered with the Bowery Mission community and created FACE New York, a portrait project designed to bring visibility to the faces and stories of people experiencing homelessness in New York. FACE New York, curated by Allie and featuring 17 international artists, opened at the Bowery Mission and traveled to Showcase Gallery in Manhattan.

Allie is also a founding member of IThou Art, an arts organization that supports social movement through art.  Most recently, she was an organizer of and artist in EXCHANGE by IThou Art: an exhibition dedicated to opening up new dialogues around the issue of gentrification in New York.  EXCHANGE opened at Rush Arts Gallery in December 2016.

Allie’s primary fascination is people, and her work explores the ways we connect with and hide from one another— and ourselves.