My primary fascination is people, and the experiences we share —specifically, the ways in which we hide ourselves from each other, despite an innate and profound desire to connect. By working with translucencies and layering, by creating intricate drawings in graphite only to have the top layer transform them to blurs, by working in the unpredictable realm of ink and water, I convey the messy, insecure, strange, transcendent, and luminous experience of being.


Allie Wilkinson is a Brooklyn based artist who has exhibited across the United States, most recently in her first solo exhibition at Lamarche Gallery, Brunswick ME. Allie is the creator of FACE New York, a portrait project designed to bring visibility to the faces and stories of people experiencing homelessness in New York. She is also a founding member of IThou Art, an arts organization that supports social movement through art. In 2016 she was an organizer and artist in EXCHANGE at Rush Arts Gallery, a community based project and exhibition dedicated to opening up new dialogues around the issue of gentrification in New York. Allie’s work as an organizer, curator, and artist has been featured in Vice: Creator’s Project and Untapped Cities. Her works on paper are held in private collections in the United States, France, Spain, and the United Kingdom.